Katten Bosse berättar om sitt liv

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Format : Hardcover
Language : Swedish
Reading age : 3+
Author : Agneta Valhjalt
Number of pages : 46
Publication date : 2020-03-15
Edition : 1
Publisher : ISTBOK AB
Original title : Katten Bosse tells about his life
Project leader : Farzaneh Kavoosfar
Illustrator and designer : Mokhtar Rahmani Tanha
SAB : Hcf
ISBN : 9789197717458

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This is the story of the cat Bosse. He tells himself that he remembers his life and he has a good memory. The book is about a purebred cat that is expected to live its life as an indoor cat. Now he decides differently and we get to follow Bosses path from his first home and to two other homes. The story is true, everything that is told has really happened. Bosse currently lives on a farm in Värmland.


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